“We have had great comments from our callers about our On Hold message!”
—   Alicia Clapp,  Pacline Overhead Converyors
“We won’t hesitate to recommend your organization”
—   Serge Lefort,  FX Technologie
“The staff at On Hold Marketing continues to be a pleasure to work with”
—   Cindy,  HSBC Bank Canada
“Every request always exceeds our expectation for quality and turnaround of service”
—   Colleen Waitschies ,  TD Canada Trust
“Using On Hold adds a level of professionalism and distinction to our business.”
—   Ron Vanos,  Expressway trucks Waterloo
Our complete service package includes …

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Enhance your phone system

It’s quick

Order today and your on-hold package can be couriered out tomorrow complete with a music/courtesy production customized with your name and address so you can get started right away while our script writers work with you to create the perfect script.

It’s easy

It’s as easy as plugging the patch cord (provided with the playback equipment) into the music port on your phone system, or implementing the formatted .wav file on your system. Our services work with VoIP and all business phone systems, including: PBX, Cisco, Avaya…, small business phones and more.

It’s effective

Press your hold button with confidence knowing your caller is being informed and entertained, and getting the kind of customer service you strive to achieve — great music and marketing messages that educate and cross-sell your products and services while they hold. No more silence, no radio static, no bad music, no annoying beep.  Let us set up the perfect plan for you today.

The benefits of on-hold telephone marketing
  • The power of marketing

    Turning hold time into marketing time is one of the smartest business decisions you can make – it’s an opportunity to impress, an opportunity to advertise your business, an opportunity to ensure caller satisfaction. And a happy customer is the key to increased profits.

  • Every call counts

    Avoid costly hang-ups! Let callers know that their call is important and that they have not been disconnected. Statistics show that callers wait up to 70% longer if they have something interesting to listen to.

  • A positive corporate image

    When customers hear a customized on-hold greeting, they’re more likely to feel reassured they’ve called a capable operation.

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Easy-on-the-budget marketing opportunity

  • Looking for solutions to stretching your advertising dollar just a little further?
  • Marketing on hold is the most inexpensive target marketing solution you’ll find!
  • Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertising asking for their hard-earned cash. Make sure your callers are tuned-in to your company, your products and your service!

Show appreciation to your customers

  • Smart marketing focuses on making customers feel appreciated and important.
  • When they call you, are they greeted professionally? Can they navigate easily?
  • When they have to wait on hold, will you provide a helpful, positive experience?