Is your hold line productive?

Switch to Professional On-Hold Messaging

Once you consider the alternatives you’ll be convinced that On-Hold Marketing is a sound solution! Improve the quality of your customer’s telephone experience! And, take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity at the same time. Choose On-Hold Marketing.

Replace Silence

Callers left in silence:

  • become frustrated quickly;
  • will fear they’ve been disconnected;
  • will hang up and call the competition;
  • half of first time callers put on “silent hold” will try the competition

then…will they call back?

Even one hang-up per day can cost your business thousands of dollars per year!

Replace Radio

Playing a radio gives you no control over what your callers hear. Don’t subject your caller to static, controversial topics, demeaning jocks, offensive banter, or worse… an ad for your competitor! In fact, an ad for anything is competition for the caller’s cash.

Replace Canned Music

No one wants to wait on hold! Take away the frustration – give them something interesting to listen to! Let them know their business is important and that they haven’t been disconnected. Customized on hold messaging is proven to reduce hang-ups by two-thirds!

Replace This
Annoying Sound …
… with a great
On Hold

Complete Silence

Silence is boring – in fact, callers may think they've been hung up on

Friendly Reminders

Remind your callers about maintenance or support services that you offer

Annoying Beeps

High-pitched beeps are only going to give your callers a headache

New Promotions

Inform your callers about new promotions that can save them money

Repetitive Music

Looping the same tune over and over again will only frustrate your customer

Appealing Music

Choose from a wide variety of music for callers to hear

Local Radio Stations

You have no control what callers hear – they might even hear a competitors ad!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer any important questions while your callers are waiting