Frequently Asked Questions


What is On-Hold Marketing?

On-Hold Marketing is a continuous loop of music and information callers hear while they are waiting on the hold line or are being transferred to an extension.

People are generally receptive to hearing more about a company they’ve just called, so take advantage of this valuable marketing opportunity!  It’s a chance to talk directly to your callers, by playing entertaining and informative messages to them while they’re holding.

How does On-Hold help my business?

On-Hold Marketing turns silence, an annoying beep, canned music, store-bought CDs, or the radio into productive marketing time.  It promotes the products and services you offer, helps present a polished, professional image to your callers, and in a pleasant and entertaining way, encourages callers to stay on the line until you return.

Give them information such as: Hours and Location; Products and Services; Promotions and Specials; Web-site address, etc.
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What is included in my subscription?

Ask us about:

  • Unique script ideas and professional copywriting for effective advertising on hold
  • Guaranteed digital playback equipment or VOIP compatible files
  • Licensed on hold music, designed to be the perfect compliment to your on hold messaging
  • Professional voice talent trained for telephone messaging needs
  • Language options by native talent with the right accent to cater to your callers
  • Multiple location discounts
  • Worldwide telephone on hold and voice over service

All you need is a telephone system with more than two lines.  With a professional voice and dynamic music, our on-hold productions feature the latest in cutting-edge technology that’s sure to draw positive attention!

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Do callers hear the same message every time?

With most systems, no.  Your on-hold program loops continuously, even if no one is holding.  When a caller is put on hold, they start hearing the message at whatever point it is playing.  On-Hold Marketing packages include productions up to eight minutes long so that it is less likely that a caller would hear the exact same messages every time they call.

What if I need a replacement production?

Our studio provides a full archiving service.  Should you ever need your production replaced, just give your scriptwriter a call. We’ll retrieve it from the archives (at least 2 years) and send a copy to you.  No hassles.  No worries.

Do I have to write the script?

No!  On-Hold Marketing’s professional writing staff will create a script that meets your requirements. We can work from any brochures or other marketing materials you provide, as well as from the information on your web-site. One of our scriptwriters will call you to answer any questions you may have.  Once completed, we’ll email you a script draft within a few business days. You are welcome to make any needed adjustments, or give us a call to discuss.  More…

How do I order a new production?

You can order your first Message On Hold program by completing a simple online form, which takes you step-by-step through the process of telling us about your company, your phone equipment, and your messaging needs. Click here to access this form and get started right now, or give us a call at 1-888-466-4653 and you can speak to an account representative who can help you, and answer any questions you may have.

Can I hear voice and music samples?

Please visit our demos section to hear samples, or, if you are a customer, ask your script writer to assist you. For other languages, see below.

Is it possible to record in other languages?

Yes, French recordings are available in our “bilingual” packages.  We also offer most other languages and can provide samples upon request.  Foreign languages carry additional fees, so please contact us for a custom quote.  For all languages, we recommend that you provide a translation from the English script, or we can have it translated by a professional company for a reasonable fee.  Contact us for further details or a custom quote.

Will the On-Hold service work with our telephones?

If you have more than 2 lines and a fax – YES! More…

How does the equipment hook up to my telephones?

Equipment is connected to the music-on-hold port of your phone system (located in your phone room). More…

Is there a discount for multiple locations?

Yes. On-Hold Marketing is pleased to offer a significant discount to additional business locations as long as the productions for each location are the same or require a tag or slight modification.  Ask us for details. Call 1-888-466-4653.

Do you work with Interconnect Companies?

On-Hold Marketing values volume requests from Interconnect Companies. Please give us a call to enquire about incentive plans. There’s no selling necessary. Just provide us with qualified leads. Give us a call to discuss today! 1-888-466-4653.