What if my message is not playing on the line?

USB Load
USB Load

  1. Remove Thumb drive from the digital message player.  Insert Thumb drive into the USB port of any computer that contains the new message to be transferred.  Double click on My Computer, click on the Removable Disk.
  2. Delete previous on-hold message on Removable Disk. (Right click on production and click delete)
  3. Copy new message onto Thumb drive (right click on new production, click send to and click send to MOH drive)
  4. Remove Thumb drive from PC and insert into Messager USB.  The new message will start to play in about 5 to 10 seconds.

Note:  In order for message to continuously play, USB drive must remain in Messager USB.


CD Load
CD Load

  1. Insert CD (with the MP3 audio file on it) into the tray of the Sonorous by pressing the Open/Close button (below CD drawer.)
  2. The CD will begin to load itself into the flash memory of the unit.  You can verify that it is loading when the green light in the bottom right corner changes to a flashing amber.
  3. Once production has finished loading, the amber light will return to green.  The production is now playing.  (You can listen to message via internal monitor speaker by pressing the monitor button.)

Remote Load

Production load is managed remotely, including volume adjustment.  Please give us a call: 1-888-466-4653.

There is static or distortion on the line.

  • Adjust the volume and tone control button.
  • Give us a call to ensure the formatting is correct.

How do I get my message online?

  • Make sure that the unit is working.  Ensure the message has been downloaded and you can hear it through the monitor.
  • Once you know that the unit is working, proceed with the following steps:
    1. Check the patchcord to make sure that the cable is hooked up to the M.O.H. jack;
    2. Check connection between the patchcord and the output jack of your On-Hold Digital Unit.  The patchcord should fit snugly into the unit;
    3. Check the volume control.  Make sure it’s at a level that allows the message to be heard;
    4. Test the line.

If you have followed the above instructions but you still can’t hear a message, there are a few possible reasons:

  • the M.O.H. may not be programmed into the system;
  • the output could be defective

How do I download a new production?

See our installation instructions here.