Voice Talent Samples

Listening to a fabulous voice can have even the busiest person enjoying their hold time! Click on your preference of either a female or male voice and then click on the talent name to find a voice that reflects your company image.

Our voice artists are professionally trained talent, eager to deliver the perfect read:

  • upbeat, casual or corporate…
  • faster or slower…
  • enticing or assertive… Let your script writer know what you’re looking for!
01. Female
01. Linda On Hold Demo
02. Yolande On Hold demo
03. Debra On Hold Demo
04. Cathy On Hold Demo
05. Isabelle On Hold Demo
06. Kristi On Hold Demo
07. Jackie On Hold Demo
08. Jenny On Hold Demo
09. Ella On Hold Demo
10. Bren On Hold Demo
02. Male
01. Darryl On Hold Demo
02. Norm On Hold Demo
03. Warren On Hold Demo
04. Tony On Hold Demo
03. French
04. Other Languages
Spanish – Elizabeth
Spanish Male
ACD Female
01. Linda-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
02. Yolande-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
03. Debra-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
04. Cathy-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
05. Isabelle-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
06. Kristi-Auto Attendant/VM Sample
07. Jackie-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
08. Jenny-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
09. Elle-Auto Attendant/VM Sample
10. Bren.-Auto Attendant/VM Sample
ACD Male
01. Darryl-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
01. Warren-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
02. Norm-Auto Attendant/V.M. Sample
04. Tony-Auto Attendant/VM Sample

Music Samples

Think of your company image and the caller demographic, then click on a music category that best reflects those criteria; your script writer will be  happy to help.

Don’t hear anything that appeals?  Don’t worry; we have a large library of music! Choose something that is “almost there” and let your writer know.  We will send you some additional samples to listen to.

Please note that demos are updated frequently, so if there is a piece that you like, jot down the code…it is still available even if it is no longer featured on our web demo!

1. OHMCL0-61
2. OHMCL0-125
3. OHMNA0-82
4. OHMCL0-466
5. OHMCL0-276
6. OHMNA0-274
1. OHMCRP0-260
2. OHMCRP0-427
3. OHMCRP0-73
4. OHMCRP0-336
Easy Listening
1. OHMEL0-05
1. OHMMEL0-17
1. OHMUPEL0-242
2. OHMEL0-223
2. OHMMEL0-218
2. OHMUPEL0-45
3. OHMEL0-315
3. OHMMEL0-283
3. OHMUPEL0-458
4. OHMEL0-451
4. OHMMEL0-291
4. OHMUPEL0-450
5. OHMEL0-89
5. OHMMEL0-75
1. OHMIN0-257
2. OHMIN0-289
3. OHMIN0-325
4. OHMIN0-437
5. OHMIN0-47
1. OHMJ0-210
2. OHMJ0-228
3. OHMJ0-307
4. OHMJ0-334
5. OHMJ0-57
New Country
1. OHMC0-40
2. OHMC0-464
3. OHMC0-54
4. OHMC0-97
1. OHMMD0-215
2. OHMMD0-22
3. OHMMD0-235
4. OHMMD0-435
5. OHMMD0-467
6. OHMMD0-59
We are in the process of updating our phone system so you may not be able to reach us. Please e-mail customerservice@onhold.on.ca instead.