NOTE: On-Hold Marketing continues to be available for your phone system recording updates including COVID-19 messages. Read More

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I can’t stress this enough.  It is crucial to have up-to-date information at all times for your callers; after all, they keep your business up and running daily.  The right On-Hold message can make all the difference for that ONE big sale or new loyal customer, or having the pleasure of them coming in to visit your facility.  They have nothing else to do while on-hold but listen … listen to any and all information you provide them. Even the smallest detail about your promotions, new staff, new products and prices will connect them to you and keep them holding until you get back to them. A current, professional on-hold message will leave them with a positive impression, the key point in making your business more effective.

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BUT…make sure it’s up-to-date! Just imagine calling into a dealership, salon or restaurant…then being put on hold to listen to all the amazing, exciting sales, deals and/or offers only to find out they are outdated…over…GONE……..What a way to let your callers down. Reminders to update your message are sent by On-Hold and if you have a subscription, the update is included!  So why not take a moment to respond – it really is a matter of a quick 5-minute review with your scriptwriter. It’s just one more way we are keeping your company effective.

Of course, it’s also extremely important to accompany your message with the RIGHT type of music (and definitely not the 10-second repetitive default music on your phone system, which isn’t effective).  Yes, that’s right. Music is key to setting the tone of your business.  Do you want to energize callers contacting your gym? Create a calming atmosphere for your spa? Have them tapping their toes while waiting to be connected to service?

Music is so prevalent in our lives that many people don’t consider the impact of the right music; in fact, you can make all the difference to your caller’s mood and uplift them more than you realize.  The last thing you want is some slow-paced tune while you are calling into a fast-paced, exciting restaurant!  It can make them look elsewhere for reservations very quickly!!!  You know your business; you know your callers and what sparks their interest; make sure your on-hold message reflects your image to make it all the more effective!

The more up-to-date the information, the more valuable it is.” – Katie Jacobs Stanton

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 NOTE: On-Hold Marketing continues to be available for your phone system recording updates including COVID-19 messages. Read More