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The experience of music

One of the greatest pleasures we experience in life, wherever we go, whatever we do, music plays a role.

Add a positive note to hold time and increase the success of your business! Professional audio does so much more than filling silence eliminating static, or avoiding competitor ads – it prevents caller frustration and provides a boost to customers that goes a long way to enhancing their mood.

Enhance your callers’ mood

Music can either be the perfect finishing touch to an on-hold production, or a distraction that irritates your callers.

A pleasant music piece can raise the listener’s spirits making hold times seem much shorter. On the other hand, the default, repetitive songs that may have been pre-installed on your VoIP system can be the perfect recipe for an annoyed caller.

At On-Hold Marketing we understand the importance of music and ensure your callers will enjoy real music. Music that’s right for the unique needs of your business – music that’s affordable and legal.

The right choice

On-Hold Marketing boasts an incredible archive of literally hundreds of different music pieces to choose from, from a wide variety of genres, each conveying a different style or mood.

Know your audience

Music has the ability to affect our mood and behaviour, so it is important to choose a piece that fits your brand and cater to your most frequent caller profile.

If your callers are a diverse group, a selection that is pleasing and neutral is a great choice. If your demographic is more focused, find the music that speaks to that group.

Not sure what to choose?

We realize that picking the ideal tune is tough. However, your writer can provide several suggestions that fits best and will be happy to help with this decision.

“We are so fortunate to have found you guys and we are beyond excited about the promptness and professionalism you have shown to us. Thank you again On-Hold Marketing for helping us amp up our on-hold recording for our customers!”

A style for every business

Same sample, different voice – see how music can influence your brand's perception


Classical music is known for affecting cognitive processing abilities as well as calming your caller’s inner turmoil.


With its syncopated rhythms, jazz music can be very upbeat and conversational. Send out good vibes with this music.

Easy Listening

Easy listening songs can be very stress releasing and provide positivity. It’s the perfect choice for calming your callers.


Country music is best known for great storytelling, empathy, and a beat that could leave your callers tapping their toes.

The legalities of music licensing

You many not be aware, but all recorded sound, even when being played on your hold line, is subject to copyright law. The rules are a confusing patchwork of copyright laws requiring separate licensing and royalty arrangements.

This is why you rarely hear Eminem, the Beatles, or Patsy Klein while you wait on hold. The same rules apply if you plan to have your callers listen to a favourite radio station or a music piece you’ve downloaded from the Internet.

Why use licensed music?

Using licensed music on your hold line is both legal and ethical. Doing so supports the songwriters and composers who create the music as well as the performers, musicians, and sound engineers.

Gaining the rights to use any type of music can be complicated, frustrating and expensive. If you have not acquired the necessary licensing, you can face significant fines and more.

Royalties and performance fees included

All music from On-Hold Marketing is fully licensed. That means that as long as your account is in good standing, you can relax knowing that your music is 100% legal to use on your hold lines.

We are music to your ears!

Avoid the worry of playing unlicensed music which may result in major fines. Subscribe to On-Hold Marketing and we take care of EVERYTHING!

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 NOTE: On-Hold Marketing continues to be available for your phone system recording updates including COVID-19 messages. Read More