Telephone On-Hold, Business Audio & Media Services

Turn silence into sales with On-Hold Marketing’s professional voice recordings!

We are proud to serve thousands of on-hold applications and voice response systems across North America and around the world. Plus we’ve added pizzazz to many e-learning, slide presentation, newsletter, website and social media projects. 

Let us help you keep your audience interested in your business with professional recordings and engaging music!

How your company sounds is our business.

Ask us about our most popular subscription, available for less than $2 a day!

All of our packages include:

  • Your very own creative scriptwriter
  • Playback equipment or .wav files
  • 8-minute productions
  • Professional voice talent options
  • Fully-licensed music
  • Studio fees
  • Easy payment options
  • … and much more!

Ask about multiple-location and buying group discounts and professional business audio for all your marketing projects.

Call 1-888-466-4653

We are in the process of updating our phone system so you may not be able to reach us. Please e-mail instead.