What if my new message is not playing on the line?

What if I can hear it but it doesn’t sound good?


If you’ve recently had a new phone system installed, your phone provider will need to program the MOH feature. If the system accepts an external device, one of the options below will work; otherwise, be sure to get the exact format requirements from your provider so the production will sound great on the hold line. We’re ready to help! Just give us a call at 1-888-466-4653.

USB Load
USB Load

1.  Make sure the Playback unit is working:

Check to ensure:

  • the power cord is plugged into an AC outlet (power bar is on) and into the unit;
    the patch cord is plugged into the phone system and into the unit;
    the memory stick is in the unit and completely inserted;
    the volume on the unit is at half (12 o’clock).

2.  Upload the new message from the file sent by On-Hold Marketing.

How? Please see complete instructions or  watch our awesome video.

If there is static or distortion on the line.

  • Adjust the volume button to 12 o’clock. Still not great? Give us a call for more help to ensure the formatting is correct: 1-888-466-4653.

Remote/Studio Load
Remote Load

Production load is managed remotely, including volume adjustment.  Please give us a call: 1-888-466-4653.

CD Load
CD Load

  1. Insert the CD (with the desired audio file on it) into the tray of the CD-load unit by pressing the Open/Close button (below CD drawer.)
  2. The CD will begin to load itself into the flash memory of the unit. You can verify that it is loading when the green light in the bottom right corner changes to a flashing amber.
  3. Once production has finished loading, the amber light will return to green. The production is now playing. (You can listen to message via internal monitor speaker by pressing the monitor button.)
    Still don’t hear anything? Give us a call: 1-888-466-4653.


We are in the process of updating our phone system so you may not be able to reach us. Please e-mail instead.